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News Recipe: Char fish & colourful carrots

June 2018

Adrien Tupin-Bron, our Chef of the gastronomic restaurant La Voile, offers you one of his seasonal recipes...

Char Fish & colourful carrots

Ingredients for 10 persons:
  • 12 purple carrots
  • 12 yellow carrots
  • orange carrots 
  • 280g char fish to be cut in half
  • 20 Capers with tail
  • 100g roasted buckwheat seeds
  • 100g roasted and crushed cashews
  • 2 kg orange sand carrots
  • 100g + 1 sugar
  • 200g white vinegar
  • butter

Preparation of the recipe

  • Cook 8 purple carrots in water until melting.
  • Drain and blend with 60-90 g of butter so that the purée is smooth.
  • Do the same with 8 yellow carrots.
  • Trim the tops 2 cm from the carrot. Cut them in half and put them in a saucepan with water at the top, a knob of butter and a sugar cube. Reduce. Snack on the flat side just before serving.
  • Dry the capers in the oven and then reduce them to powder.
Carrot roll pickles 
  • Cut a few orange carrots and the remaining coloured carrots lengthwise with a mandolin (1 mm thick). Steam half of them and put the other half in vinegar 1.2.3 (100g sugar, 200g white vinegar and 300g water) for 1 hour. Cut all the slices in half and roll them up.
  • For each colour 2 cooked pieces and 2 pieces in pickles.
  • For the carrot juice sauce, centrifuge the remaining orange carrots. Reduce the juice at ¼, add butter, salt and pepper.
  • Cook the Arctic char on the skin so that it is crispy.
  • Arrange the half wilted carrot on the plate, make dots of yellow and purple carrot purée. Place the coloured carrot rolls on the carrot.
  • Place the char on the side with the crushed buckwheat seeds and cashew nuts.
  • Sift a little caper powder over the carrot and add the sauce.
We wish you a very good tasting...
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