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Committed to the protection of the planet, the Imperial Palace Annecy participates in numerous eco-friendly actions and encourage its clients to adopt the same behaviour. This list is non-exhaustive and tends to grow...

Energy :

  • The hotel is fully equipped with low-energy light bulbs.
  • The corridors of the hotel and the congress centre are equipped with presence detectors.
  • A BMS system also allows the energy needs of the entire building to be regulated as efficiently as possible.
  • The rooms and meeting rooms are equipped with double-glazed windows to minimise energy costs. If the bedroom window is open or not properly closed, the air conditioning or heating is switched off automatically.
  • In the near future, water fountains will soon replace the single-use plastic bottles in the lounges of the congress centre and in the spa.

Bedrooms :

  • The rooms are equipped with key card to open their door and to switch the lighting on or off. We advise guests, in the interests of ecology and safety, to remove the card when they leave the room.
  • In order to save water, the taps are equipped with flow limiters and towels are changed upon the guest's request. Appropriate signage is provided for this purpose in the bathrooms, as well as in the Room Directory.
  • ·And to reduce the impact of the laundry on the environment (water consumption, energy use, washing powder, etc.), we have also set up easels that are placed on the bedside tables in the rooms and are also designed to encourage "eco-responsible" behaviour from our guests when it comes to changing bed linen. In this way, the customer places the easel on the bed if he or she wishes to have his or her sheets changed. Previously sheets were changed every 2 days.
  • The showers are equipped with soap dispensers to limit the waste of bathroom amenities packaged in small bottles.

Recycling :

  • A selective sorting programm for paper, plastic, glass, Nespresso pods... has been in place for a very long time. In addition, cardboard boxes, crates and plastic films are sorted and compacted. Delivery pallets are also given for recycling.
  • In order to encourage customers to sort upstream, rooms and most public spaces are equipped with selective sorting bins.
  • To avoid waste incineration, Imperial Palace has implemented bio-waste recovery. Thus 42 tons of bio-waste were recycled in 2019. As far as Nespresso pods are concerned, 530 Kg were collected.
  • To complete its ecological and social approach, Imperial Palace is a partner of UNISOAP, a regional French association that collects all used soaps from hotels in order to recycle it for humanitarian purposes. In 2019, 15 kg of soaps were donated to the association.
  • In the same way, plastic and cork stoppers are gathered to be handed over to the association Bouchons 74, which acts in favour of people with disabilities.


  • The cleaning products used are eco-friendly and are placed in specific dispensers to calibrate the quantity to be used.
  • To reduce paper consumption, toilets in public areas are equipped with hand dryers.
  • We also favour local suppliers and service providers in all areas.

Catering and Cooking

  • To reduce the carbon footprint, our Chefs use locally produced products and highlight seasonal produce.
  • The napkins used in banqueting are compostable; the straws used in the bars are made of corn starch. Containers and spoons used for cocktails are made of corn starch or palm-based to be biodegradable.
  • For breakfast buffets, we prefer products presented in large containers rather than individual packaging (e.g. jams, which are also made locally).
  • The wine list has been extended with references of organic wines.
  • Since 1st January 2020 : Every Tuesday, only vegetarian menus (neither meat nor fish) are served in the staff restaurant (150 meals per day).

Technical & IT

  • Virtualisation of our servers since the end of 2010, reducing the number of servers, resulting in lower power consumption and heat release.
  • Recycling of batteries, neon tubes, ink cartridges, etc...
  • Use of an electric vehicle for short journeys (Twizy)
  • Working in partnership with AFB for several years: computer recycling of our obsolete equipment and purchase of reconditioned equipment
  • Study/Project for piloting energy performance, energy management
  • Study of installation of photovoltaic solar panels
  • Imperial Palace will also be implementing electronic document management in the near future.

Spa :

We work with the eco-friendly brand « Cinq Mondes » (Natural Laboratory Charter) A pioneer in the development of militant formulas without petrochemicals, Cinq Mondes is one of the first natural brands to have committed itself to a strict laboratory charter based on 3 principles :

  • 1. Main active ingredients of biological or natural origin
  • 2.Ingredients strictly excluded :
    - Parabens and phenoxyethanol
    - Silicones and mineral oils
    - Artificial dyes
  • 3. Tested under dermatological control
The Imperial Palace's eco-responsible attitude and concern regarding sustainable development are an approach that "pays off", since the hotel was awarded its first environmental label called the "Environmental Label" in 2017; a real reward that shows our establishment's real commitment to the protection of the planet!
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