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News Alpeor arrives at Cristal Spa

July 1st 2021

Opened 10 years ago at the Au Cœur du Village hotel in La Clusaz, Cristal Spa, a spa brand of the PVG Group, has since moved to the Imperial Palace**** in Annecy.

At the edge of the lake, we discover a real universe of luxury and well-being that invites you to relax. To guarantee exceptional treatments, Cristal Spa has always preferred to surround itself with specialized and recognized professional brands in the field of beauty and well-being. With Cinq Mondes as its first partner, then Carita, Cristal Spa is bringing its offer up to date and will welcomes the Swiss brand Alpeor in its treatment rooms!

Why this change?

Always a pioneer and attentive to its customers, Cristal Spa is concerned with choosing the best partners. With Cinq Mondes, Cristal Spa mainly offers customizable body treatments. In order to offer a more targeted facial care offer, Carita came to expand the spa menu 6 years ago. The new positioning of Carita by choosing to offer its products only to 5-star establishments and palaces has led the general management of Groupe PVG to end this collaboration. As at Cristal Spa we are committed to evolving in accordance with the needs of our dear customers, we set out in search of a more confidential brand, with more natural compositions and which truly matched our image and our convictions.

What where the criteria for choosing the new brand?


The primary goal to replace Carita was to focus on a brand specializing in face care. In addition, we also wanted an environmentally friendly brand with close sourcing, even local sourcing, and formula expertise. All without ignoring the relational aspect with proximity on a human scale.

Why Alpeor?

Alpeor seduces Cristal Spa because the brand perfectly meets all the defined criteria and meets them even more. Upon receipt of the test product packages, the magic released by the brand directly operated on the teams, awakening all our senses.

  • The sight, with the beauty of the packaging, boxes delicately decorated with tissue paper and the presence of the color green, instinctively reminiscent of our forests.
  • The touch, thanks to the soft, light and refreshing textures.
  • The smell, tickled by the delicate and natural scents of plants.
  • The hearing, listening to singing product names: Perle des Neiges Serum, Flower Tonic, Voile Harmonie, Or des Alpes and more...
Finally, the meeting with the creator, Alexandre Flueckiger was decisive. The passion that drives him is so strong and the resulting exchanges are so sincere that there was no hesitation.


What are the last novelties at Cristal Spa with the arrival of Alpeor?

In order to perfectly integrate Alpeor into its new menu, Cristal Spa is completely overhauling the spa menu with the arrival of 6 new facial treatments. The protocol of the Awakening of the Senses Signature Massage has also been modified with the addition of Alpeor Massage Jelly and two new formulas are offered: a Slimming Ballad and a Mountain Horizon. On the retail side, it is possible to find all of Alpeor's products for sale at Cristal Spa Annecy and La Clusaz. They correspond to the Hydraswiss, Horizon and Ulticell collections.

We hope that the Alpeor brand will win your heart as well as it did with our teams and see you very soon at Cristal Spa !

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