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News 10 hiking ideas around Annecy lake

Summer 2024


Annecy natural wonders

With its picture-postcard landscapes, turquoise lake and surrounding mountains, Annecy offers a multitude of trails for all levels, with breathtakingly picturesque views in the heart of the French Alps. Here are a few ideas for walks to discover during your stay at the Impérial Palace:

Hiking itineraries around Lake Annecy

    This is THE highest summit, reaching an altitude of 2351 meters, from which a 360-degree panorama awaits you, with views of Lake Annecy, the "Col des Aravis", the "Massif des Bauges" and the majestic Mont-Blanc. Departure is from the "Prés Ronds" parking lot, about 35 minutes from the hotel. The round-trip ascent takes between 6h30 and 7h. Along the way, you'll pass through lush alpine meadows, impressive rock formations and the "Chalet de l'Aulp", one of many crossing points.
    This route is recommended for experienced hikers, as it is considered quite complex, with some tricky passages and steep, rocky terrain, but the effort will be amply rewarded.
    Its highest point is 1291 meters above sea level, overlooking Lake Annecy.
    The best-known departure point is Le Petit Port, 1.5 km from the Impérial Palace, known as "Bois Jettaz". The short loop for a simple round trip is 8 km, or around 3h30/4h of walking. For more experienced walkers, a 13km itinerary via Mont Baron can be completed without too arduous a climb.
    Other departures are possible from the "Col du Pré Vernet" or the "Col des Contrebandiers". These walks are accessible to all levels and last around 2h30.
    The hike starts in the village of Angon, near Talloires, about 30 minutes from the Impérial. This enchanting adventure winds through dense woods, past the "Pont des Fées" overhanging the river, before arriving at the majestic waterfall along secure walls. You'll discover a waterfall some 60 metres high that's very impressive, especially after heavy rain. It's a relatively short hike (around 2 hours round trip), but it offers an immersive experience in nature through the woods, enough to enjoy a little coolness during the summer months, with the soothing sound of flowing water.

    Situated at an altitude of 1157 meters, this world-famous paragliding spot is a must-see. There are several possible departures from Doussard, in a place called "Verthier", some forty minutes from the hotel. The hike is suitable for all levels, provided you are properly equipped. The walk takes around 5 hours and covers some ten kilometers round trip through woods and mountains. From the Col de la Forclaz, you can walk up to the "Chalet de l'Aulp", a 5-kilometre, 2-hour climb.Along the way, you'll come across the "Pointe de la Rochette", from where you can watch a magnificent parade of paragliders take to the sky.
    For a shorter, more accessible hike, the Roc de Chère is a perfect option. Situated on a peninsula, this nature reserve offers well-marked trails through woods and meadows.
    The main circuit can be covered in 1-2 hours, ideal for families or those with limited time. At the top, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. It's also an excellent place to observe the local flora and fauna.
  • 6/ SEMNOZ
    Just a thirty-minute drive from the Impérial, the Semnoz is a mountain offering a multitude of hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty. In summer, it's a popular spot for strolls with family and friends. The best-known trail is probably the one leading to the "Crêt de Châtillon", at an altitude of 1,699 meters. From the summit, the view is spectacular, with Mont Blanc visible on a clear day. The high-altitude meadows are also ideal for picnics, and there are several signposted itineraries to discover the natural wealth of this mountain.

    The Taillefer is a lesser-known but equally charming hike. Starting from the small village of Duingt, the trail climbs through forests to a plateau offering splendid views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The hike is of moderate difficulty and can be completed in around 3-4 hours. The summit is an excellent place to rest and admire the scenery while enjoying a picnic.
    Located on the heights of Sévrier, starting at "Letraz", some 20 minutes from the Impérial, this hike takes around 6 kilometers and 2h30 to complete.
    On this walk through the woods, you'll be able to contemplate the magnificent view of the lake and discover the various crosses along the way. You'll be able to make the most of this experience thanks to the cool air that accompanies you along the way.

    The Regional Natural Park of Bauges, south of Lake Annecy, offers a variety of picturesque hiking trails. A popular route is the Circuit des Bauges, which passes through lush forests, pastures and small alpine villages. This hike can be adapted to different levels, with options for short or long loops. Along the way, you'll discover a rich biodiversity and panoramic views of the lake and mountains.
    These are a group of spectacular peaks in the "Massif des Bornes", near Lake Annecy, Haute-Savoie. The site is a favorite with hikers and climbers for its impressive alpine scenery and panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.
In conclusion, Annecy is a must-see destination for hiking enthusiasts.Whether you're a seasoned hiker looking for a challenge, or a beginner looking to enjoy nature, you'll find trails to suit you. Each hike offers varied landscapes and spectacular views, making every outing a memorable experience. So get your hiking boots ready and set off to discover the natural wonders of Lake Annecy!
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