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Annecy, the “little Venice of the Alps”

In the heart of Upper Savoy, the town of Annecy has a wealth of unique viewpoints and areas of nature amid lake and the mountains. Take a look at the Old Town with its captivating charm and stroll along its many canals to the Musée Château, the castle museum overlooking the city.

Do not miss the delights of Lake Annecy - take a boat trip or cycling excursion and make the most of the uninterrupted views of Europe’s purest lake. Relax on one of its many beaches in partial shade, which offer bathers a calm setting.

Annecy Canal

A town offering a multitude of events

The Little Venice of the Alps is also renowned for its variety of cultural events, including the one partly responsible for its nickname - the Venetian Carnival. Lose yourselves among the hundreds of masks wandering around Annecy for an unforgettably unusual experience.

Do not miss the town’s important event - Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The latest animated masterpieces are presented at this festival. You will also come upon the best producers and new talents in the animated film industry who come from all over the world.

In August, you can enjoy Europe’s largest firework display at the Fête du Lac (lake festival).

For more details of other events taking place in Annecy and the idyllic aspects of the town, visit:

Exploring the local traditions and products, unique events and magical landscapes of Annecy will make your visit to the town truly unforgettable.

Annecy Vieilles Prisons

A wonderful geographic location

At the Alpine crossroads of Europe, Annecy is extremely well located.

  • 30 mins from La Clusaz
  • 30 mins from Geneva
  • 1hr30mins from Chamonix
  • 1hr30mins from Lyon
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